Our Coachability Assessment is the first scientifically reliable and valid tool to accurately uncover an individual’s true level of coachability.  Developed through extensive research, data collection, analysis, and validation efforts – we’re excited to share our expertise with you to transform your world, work, culture, and organization.


The Coachability@Work® assessment uncovers individuals’ baseline levels of coachability on 10 scientifically-validated factors that represent natural patterns of thinking, feeling, and believing.  In other words, these factors unearth tendencies, which often operate unconsciously and influence one’s willingness and ability to effectively operate in a “highly coachable” manner.

Examples of the Factors our Assessment Uncovers:


Upon completion of the Assessment, individuals immediately receive an individualized report and breakdown of their coachability profile.


Once we uncover the natural, often unconscious tendencies, we increase individuals’ self-awareness through our “Explore Your Coachability” Workshop.  In this session, we contextualize the Assessment results so individuals increase their awareness around how these factors come to life for them on a day-to-day basis in their specific work context.  Additionally, we identify and prioritize coachability strengths and unearth opportunities for growth, as well as plot specific action steps, to accelerate development and performance immediately upon leaving the session.  

After teams complete the Coachability Assessment, we offer an “Explore Your Team’s Coachability” Report and Workshop for leaders, where they uncover the Coachability landscape within their team on the 10 scientifically-validated factors, increase the understanding of their team members’ strengths and opportunities in relation to coachability and coaching, and create action plans to cultivate strong, robust coachability cultures within their respective teams.

We proudly offer our Coachability Assessment for Organizations & Sports Teams.